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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Molly Magnuson

Twin Tower,

Oh my twin tower. Our name for the other that caught fast and stuck like glue. Scribbled in silly middle school notes, yearbooks…the name found its way on to many a wall post( shocker) once the book rolled around. It covered up our insecurities of towering over boys in middle school only to get worse peering down on the seniors as freshman. I went through a bit of a complex starting college without a tall friend to prance the “halls” with. Dramatic but true- with Linds,I never walked alone.

From a few select wall posts below one will get the idea:

Molly Magnuson posted to Lindsay Rawot


will be seeing u soon obvi. Also, i do not like Kellys comment before about being a Roesing #3, as you knowww we are the Twin Towers. Duh

June 8, 2010 at 3:49pm ·

Lindsay Rawot posted to Molly Magnuson

last night i decided that you complete me. keep up the good work.

November 27, 2008 at 10:39pm

Molly Magnuson posted toLindsay Rawot

hey twin zak just sent me some redic photos ( from " we think were cool and take stretch hummers downtown....cleveland" )

miss u and thinking about u....calling u this weekend?

November 13, 2008 at 2:36pm ·

Lindsay Rawot posted to Molly Magnuson:

happy birthday twin tower.

speaking of twins, the twin beat me to the punch. guess i cant compete with 15 years of tradition.

i still love you anyways, even if you love my roommate more.

see you soon and i cannot wait for thanksgiving!!!! power house reunion?

November 6, 2006 at 11:56pm

Molly Magnuson posted to Lindsay Rawot

hello my twin! i am coming home friday...get excited its going to be crazy. I know, without you by my side i sometimes feel very towerish too, but together we are unstoppable! haha ill call u when i get home get ready for an out of control weekend! xoxo see you soon!

May 9, 2006 at 11:26am

Lindsay Rawot posted to Molly Magnuson:

WHEN ARE YOU COMING HOME??? without you my height is singularly overpowering the likes of sully and brandon. please come home and be my twin tower.

the powerhouse needs to reunite and start this summer 06 off ASAP.

call me lovely.

May 8, 2006 at 6:36pm

Molly Magnuson posted to Lindsay Rawot:

hey lover! I know you will always be my twin tower, i kinda miss having a tall hottie walk around with me so i dont feel so out of place....hmm

February 6, 2006 at 4:00pm

Lindsay Rawot posted to Molly Magnuson:

bitch, stop pretending like you dont miss me! i want phone calls from you as much as em gets them.haha.

i met kelly and i looooove her but we are THE twin towers forever and ever. cant wait to see you soooo soon! Keep on keeping on, lovely.

February 6, 2006 at 3:38pm

Molly Magnuson posted to Lindsay Rawot

Lindsay you are my TWIN TOWER FOR LIFE! haha i miss you and i am coming to visit u and em ASAP i am soooooo glad u guys like each other haha....have an awesome time at Duke love you!

September 4, 2005 at 7:48pm

Twin Towers we truly were. This shared trait tested the friendship early…it brought us into competition as soon as we entered the 6th grade. Both new and “towering”, we caught the eye of the coaches. We both tried out for the open goalie position and although I won that little battle, she sure retaliated when she pushed me out in the final cut of 7th grade volleyball. She pulled off those tight spandex to the effect I could only dream of, so I think things turned out for the best. Not to mention her spike, that ridiculous killer spike.

Six years later I gave up soccer and Linds immediately jumped in to recruit me for the volleyball team our senior year. What could be better…two tall powerhouses up front at the net!? Not quite. Supposedly I had impressed her at a few graduation parties that summer. I repeat, graduation parties, where my skills were put to test by nowhere near regulation height nets. No matter, Linds assumed this height of mine would flow naturally into volleyball. It didn’t.

This will always remind me how much Lindsay truly believed in peoples’ capacity to learn and reach for the unknown. She repeatedly tried to get me on board with constant support and encouragement no matter how short my serve fell at those open gyms. At the end of the day the complete lack of skill kept me from trying out but the experience with Linds is one I will always hold dear.

To run on the theme of height…we both shared a true blue fear of heels. This thought comes full circle when speaking with a mutual friend- Laurel Wessel. Lauren is one of my oldest friends from elementary school in Maryland who ended up studying in Australia with Lindsay during college. Lauren approached me a few months back and told me how much Lindsay loved “that college essay of mine” My immediate thought…WHAT college essay? Lauren explained that Lindsay had shared with her how much she loved this one particular story of mine In short, the essay drew parallels between my shoes and confidence. Freshman year I was in flip flops…(low heel, low confidence) senior year I was in stilletos ( lies, but worked for the alliteration effect).

I look back and think how corny this thought process was. I heard someone got into Princeton writing about pickles and suddenly this turned into me entering Harvard with an essay about shoes. Not the same, especially if I couldn’t carry off the language. I’m glad my college essay remained engrained in someone’s mind, if not UVA’s admission team ( my number one choice…denied). Nevertheless, Lindsay thought it was cool, most likely because it spoke to her. The height complex was something Linds and I always shared- the fear of standing out. I hope Lindsay knows that she certainly stood out- but for all the right reasons. Yes, you could easily spot her out of a crowded room, but one could do this regardless of her height. She shined like the sun everyday. I wish Lindsay knew then but I’m sure she knew deep down in side that she had nothing to hide or shy away from. Her height only brought more beauty to her unwavering spirit.

Seems like this is heading to the direction of switching tenses, so if I may…the rest of this is to Lindsay.


You would be happy to know I rock them in the office. I haven’t quite reached the point where I wear them all that much in public…but for you, and only you, I will work on this.

In all seriousness though, I will wear these damn heels for you. I will wear them proud in a room full of short and tall men, bars, conference rooms, even rooms with short ceilings… I will wear them the rest of my life and think of you every time I put them on.

I will carry on this height of ours with as much as it will bring me, and ill smile knowing you are watching me- just don’t laugh if I trip up here or there. I will be confident, proud, and thankful for all that God gave me- and I’ll walk tall doing it. I may have been bullshitting a bit in my college essay with the reference to stilettos, but for you, I will honestly try. Once I can afford a pair.

So to you Lindsay I say, Happy Birthday twin. I may live with a twin and an amazing one at that-

( reference wall post #1- Lindsay Rawot posted to Molly Magnuson:

“MOLLLS omg emily ROCKS!!! thanks! hope school is fun....ttyl loves! call us!”

August 26, 2005 at 10:20am )

and I may have those lovely Roesing twin sisters for besties…but you will always be my twin. We never got around to making those t-shirts or hates we spoke about…those Powerhouse ones. I’m pretty sure we thought about ordering Trucker hats when they were all the rage cirqa 2004. I’m glad we didn’t… but I will get you something fancy and awesome and get it to you the next time I’m home. As you said a few years back…I will keep on keeping on, and with you forever on my mind, my lovely twin tower.



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