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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Libby Takacs

"One of my favorite memories of Linds was getting woken up by Billie and John the morning after the i2y event cuddled up next to her and still fully dressed from the night before, jewelry and all. Claiming to be an early riser, I assured them that I'd have the entire crew up and ready for breakfast by 10am, but clearly this didn't happen. Lindsay lovingly yelled at her parents to leave and come back in a few hours (pretty typical of her) and they begrudgingly obeyed. Upon their return, they of course made the best pancake breakfast in the history of the universe.

That weekend in general was one of the best in my life. Lindsay and Emily were truly the best hosts anyone could ask for. Unable to fully participate in the madness, Lindsay greeted her weekend guests at the door with mojitos and enthusiastically encouraged the hilarity that ensued. Connecting new friends with old came naturally to Lindsay, not a surprise of course as she attracted only the coolest of people ever. I instantly felt like a part of her Duke family and given the choice would have stayed with them and with her for the rest of the semester.

Even before Lindsay got sick, I had always been moved to tears by her accomplishments and this weekend was no exception. It started with her famous perfect score, continued with her father daughter dance at her cotillion ball (I'm ridiculous, I know, such a sap) and as I watched her stand up in front of her family and friends on the night of the event I had never felt more lucky to have such a strong and beautiful best friend. I miss her every day but that same feeling has stuck with me. I feel incredibly blessed to have had Lindsay Rawot, the funniest and most wonderful person I have and will ever meet, in my life for any time at all."

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