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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tillie (Meagan) Lopez

There are many memories with Lindsay but one that I think is a testament to her fun, outgoing, kind, and accepting personality, is Blossom about 4 years ago. Wow, time flies. I brought home my then boyfriend at the time. Lindsay was one of the few people that reached out to him and made him feel comfortable being there. I remember her talking to him whenever she got the chance throughout the weekend and later friending him. On our ride home I remember him bringing her up and saying how nice she was. It seemed so small at the time but looking back on it, it just reminds me how absolutely kind and outgoing Lindsay was. There was something about her that made people feel so comfortable and her sense of humor that made people laugh. Here's to the most amazing, beautiful, kind, woman. Happy Birthday, Lindsay we love and miss you everyday. For kicks here's our rap circa 2002.

"We got 5 hot mamas rappin' on this dis beat, we can't be retained cause we wild not tame. We gonna rap it word for word, name by name. We got Mastah K say hey, We got Linda-Ro say Ho, We got G-Mo you know who she is, We got DJ E scratchin' on the remix then there's M Lizzaro that's me ya know, all 5 got the flow, we're here to go, there ain't no stoppin' us, O NO." haha KSP fo life.

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