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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Molly Bohonnon, Duke

"Everyone already knows how intelligent Lindsay was. Even in a school surrounded by some of the smartest people I had ever met, Lindsay stood out. What she mostly stood out for was not just her intelligence, but her ability to transition from having a blast to having a serious conversation to having a blast again. Freshman year I was lucky enough to live two doors down the hall from Lindsay and Emily. And lucky for me, Lindsay was also an engineer-- someone who could help explain to me all of the classes I had somehow gotten myself into. From the first day, it was so obvious that I was in over my head. Everyone else in class was incredibly competitive, and couldn't take a second to look up from their own notes to explain anything I might not have understood. Lindsay, on the other hand, was happy to explain even the simplest things to me, never in a condescending way, and never without interspersing her explanations with silly, non-chemistry related chatter. And once we were done with "business", it was right back to talk about the fun stuff. She could go into her engineer mode without skipping a beat. So while this isn't a favorite story in particular, it is more of an incredible appreciation of all of the times freshman year I could just pop over to her room and get the answers-- about Math 103 and tailgate -- all in one. I was lucky enough to live down the hall from Lindsay for two years... but by the second year I had cut my losses and gotten out of engineering. That ensured that I only ever had to bother Linds about the "fun stuff" from then on…"

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