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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I learned much about Lindsay when she came to stay at our house for a week the summer before Senior Year of college.

1) Lindsay adapts. She took quickly to fitting into our family and daily rituals…waking up before Emily, helping Lynne and Bill out in the kitchen… beating us to the pool in the morning.

2) Lindsay knows music. She showed up with about 5 CDs of music she had just downloaded and burned. She was ecstatic about sharing each song and explaining why she liked the new bands. At the end of the week, she spent time uploading every single CD onto my computer to leave behind. I will never forget Lindsay's obsession with the song "No Sex for Ben" during this visit.

3) Lindsay is the best dinner date. When Emily had to waitress at Old Anglers one night , Lindsay insisted it was the perfect opportunity for the two of us to bond…with Emily as our server no less. We sat at a romantic table next to a fountain and ordered fruity cocktails and steaks. She eats like a Roesing. More importantly, I will never forget her commitment to our separate time together. She was hysterically thrilled that Emily was NOT part of our dinner but rather was clearing our dishes.

4) Can't hide Lindsay's beauty. One night of this visit, we attended a birthday party on a boat. Emily, Lindsay and I discussed for hours who should wear which dress. Of course, the second we arrived at the party, people were approaching and asking Lindsay what company she modelled for. She always got a kick out of this.

5) Lindsay's generosity knows no time limit. Lindsay had just purchased peace sign earrings from Nordstrom on this visit she hadn't even taken them out of the box. I adored them. She lent them to me a few times throughout this week, which comes as no surprise to anyone. However, I WAS surprised when I went to visit Duke 3 months later and Lindsay immediately tosses a little box my way. She had purchased me similar peace sign earrings and had been saving them for my first visit of the year.

While in the scheme of things, this week consisted of business as usual, these little moments made it completely remarkable and unforgettable to me. She had a way of doing that. Happy Birthday LINDS.

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